We’ve spent over four years developing the most technologically advanced firearm suppressor systems available today. These systems have been rigorously tested to standards never before thought possible. Advancements in super-alloys, space-age coatings, and precision aerospace machining processes along with strict quality standards are the benchmark of every product produced by Ti Fighter Industries. Our engineers have conquered the challenges of everything from race to aerospace, so when performance matters trust the winning team.

Trusted by the Tip of the American Spear

These suppressor systems have been rigorously tested to standards never before thought possible, far exceeding any standards ever developed or required by the United States Military. This dependability, paired with next generation features, secures our spot in the toolkit of the American Spear.

Stress Testing of the Suppressor
TiFighter Suppressor testing to be the most durable and heat resistant suppressor on the market.
Soldier Using TiFighter Suppressor looks at an explosion
Gunner in Humvee with TiFighter Suppressor on the front lines
TiFighter Suppressors | Testing
Elvis - TiFighter Suppressors
Break in Sparks
Machine Gunner Humvee Sunset
Shooting From Cover
Sparks Cutting Using Suppressors
Night Vision
After Hunting - TiFighter Suppressors

Proven Technology

Because humans hear in frequency and not decibels, our patented design reduces the specific frequencies of supersonic projectiles fired through weapons systems commonly used by the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement.

  • Industry leading sound suppression

  • Free flowing baffle technology

  • Completely rebuildable for a lifetime of service

Unparalleled Design Features

Backpressure, first round flash and accuracy issues may be a problem for other suppressors, but not ours. TiFighter suppressors are designed using very few baffles that are precisely tuned to reduce recoil, backpressure, and manage gas flow to ensure accuracy is never compromised.

  • Reduces recoil for faster follow-up shots.

  • Reduces prematurely worn parts.

  • Reduces cyclic rate issues

Unmatched Durability

Our specific combination of temperature resistant super alloys, interlocking tapers and heat treat processes allow our suppressors to withstand the toughest of conditions.

  • Impervious to cracking issues as seen in welded suppressor designs.

  • Anti Galling, non reflective, and heat disbursing coating

  • Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Modern Versatility

After perfecting the baffle and suppressor design, the team went to work on designing a quick connect adaptor system that met the following design requirements: No threads, no ratchets, easily cleaned, easily attached and removed, and must index into the exact same location every time the suppressor is installed.

  • Can be installed in complete darkness with nothing to visually inspect.

  • Extreme durability

  • Self-cleaning internal carbon scraper.

  • Easily cleared of debris with a gloved finger.

  • Same indexing every time for extreme accuracy.

The most advanced suppressors ever made


About Us

The Starting Line

Ti Fighter Industries is a solution-based engineering company that was founded to solve the current issues with today’s firearm suppressor systems. Our parent company, SI Motorsports Inc, has been developing award-winning off-road racing vehicles as well as specializing in engineering, fabrication, and machining in industries ranging from race to aerospace for over 20 years.

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